Punxsutawney Joe and Trump’s Shadow

Groundhog Day is coming. But it feels like we are already there. Like the movie, we are in a mystical time loop — The Covid-19 lockdowns have had the effect of making it feel as though time is repeating every day. School reopenings are in a loop but it is a blue state loop problem. Reopening the economy is also in a loop.  (Is Scranton close to Punxsutawney? They are both in Pennsylvania; It might explain a few things about Joe Biden. )

Every day is Groundhog Day which is why Joe repeats his schedule every day. He has an alarm clock which plays Hail to the Chief at 9am. He eats bagels bought by Hunter. He has an event which includes his czars and a press conference by Jen Psaki.  Jen answers questions by saying I will circle back on this, I will circle back on this, I will circle back on this, followed by signing Executive Orders which eliminate jobs for working people and weakens immigration policy. The next day he wakes up to his alarm clock and repeats his day. If we have to keep repeating days until Joe goes it right we are all in for a long winter.

We here in DogFacePonia may need to circle back on this…

In the meanwhile, the Senate is in an impeachment trial loop brought on by the Pelosi House of Representatives Impeachment loop. We here in DogFacePonia know that some may think we are Fruit Loops, but really another failed impeachment loop? While we eat our cereal like normal DogFacePonies, we think about why every representative in the house may need a MyPillow to get a good night’s sleep. AOC repeats Defund the Police and Ted Cruz tried to almost murder me. AOC said she was in fear for her life and wants to take away protection for her life daily. Go figure. Pelosi repeats that security is needed to protect against the enemy within Congress.

If Joe comes out of the basement and sees his shadow on February 2, we will have 4 more years of Executive Orders, socialism and Covid lockdowns.  If Joe doesn’t see his shadow there will be an end to the cycle though there is no consensus on when that will be.  Some ask if Joe seeing Donald Trump’s shadow will be an indication.

image From : “Phil supports Candelora (Venice version)” (CC BY 2.0) by alemaxale