Quack for Rescue

The Duck Commander business manufactures duck calls and decoys.  The Robertson family built the business in West Monroe, Louisiana. They are widely known for reality show, Duck Dynasty.

The CEO Willie Robertson directed the company to produce enough duck calls for every household in Louisiana.  The duck calls became an essential part of emergency preparedness.  Being prepared ahead of time provides you with the best insurance against disaster. There is a large selection of Emergency Kits that meet or exceed guidelines established by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.  Don’t Delay, Prepare Today!

The duck calls made it out to the public just in time.  The purpose of the duck calls is to alert the Cajon Navy of survivors. FEMA and the DHS have included the duck calls as an essential item for emergency kits. When you need rescuing just use your duck call. The Cajon Navy will respond as will many ducks. If the Cajon Navy doesn’t hear the duck calls themselves they can follow the flock of ducks.

Fatalities from Hurricane Laura are thankfully, unepectedly low thanks to the distribution of duck calls in Louisiana. You can expect this success to lead to a wider distribution of duck calls for emergency use.

Shoveler duck.(Anas rhynchotis variegata” (Public Domain) by Bernard Spragg