Rainbow transitions to Black for Juneteenth Marketing

Black Unicorn

Pride Month once meant something to Gay and Lesbian people. It was about loving who they wanted to. They believed in something and wanted their marriages to be recognized as equal. Many Gay and Lesbain people suffered persecution and take pride in being who they are.

Now of course it has become LBTQX+ month and the movement has moved on from loving who you want. It has become men using the little girls bathroom, men playing women sports and performing sex change operations on children. Not only that, but pride month is now a gigantic rainbow marketing extravaganza. Literally, every company has a rainbow logo just for June. It’s like Gay (wait I mean LBTQX+) Christmas without a Savior being born or presents. These companies want to make a buck. So they happily created rainbow farting Unicorn displays everywhere. To show their undying virtue signaling.

Now there is a hitch, Juneteenth is a new more different holiday. It also used to mean something to the black community. But now that it has been recognized and must be used to push products and agendas. Unicorns must be painted black and the rainbow 50 shades of grey.

We here at DogFacePonia can’t wait until next week. That’s when the marketers change everything to red white and blue for the 4th of July. All we know is we never changed our colors.

Imagine From: “Felder” (CC BY 2.0) by Harlequeen