Remain in Texas Policy

Texas Promotional Tourist Image

In late August, the court reinstated the Trump-era Remain in Mexico immigration policy. The Biden administration said it intends to try again to terminate the Remain in Mexico policy. This after a judge barred it from ending the controversial immigration rule. In the meantime, the United States has included Covid positive illegal immigrants as a vulnerable population which makes them exempt from the policy so they can continue to illegally enter the United States.

The government policy of transporting illegals all over the United States has been exposed and is receiving strong pushback from voters. The Biden administration has proposed a vaccine mandate for flying to support this policy.

To keep the unvaccinated Covid pandemic from spreading, the United States is implementing Remain in Texas policy. To cross Texas state lines by any means you must be vaccinated. That includes planes, trains, buses, trucks and vans which traffic migrants and drugs. Since undocumented means no proof of vaccination or natural immunity, Illegal immigrants must all wait in Texas until they can be properly vetted. That is expected to be after the 2024 election.

Texas is trying to determine what to do. If the US government enforces this mandate, then all the migrants coming over the border will be unable to leave Texas. Texas is concerned that the government will enforce this law even though they don’t enforce any other immigration laws. The government will enforce the vaccination mandate required to work. Yet they expect Texas can support these illegals (they got rich off fossil fuels after all). Also they expect a population explosion among illegals because of the Texas abortion law.

The government is relocating the wall to the northern border of Texas.

We at DogFacePonia believe that Texas is being treated as an independent nation and has begun to act as one more and more. Texas will need to defend it’s own borders from Zombies, Californians and Illegal border keggers. No Remain in California policy is expected as aliens want to stay there.

Image From: “Texas” (CC BY 2.0) by tico_manudo