Republicans Lose Every Debate, Everywhere Announced MSNBC

Desantis with Win sigh behind him

MSNBC in a joint statement with CNN announced that the Republican Party in a repeat of 2020 has lost every single debate. A Republican can’t possibly win a debate, that would be racist.

The Debates and How Republican’s Lost

  1. DeSantis vs. Crist – DeSantis is one of the most popular Governors in the Nation. Desantis seemingly crushing Crist on most issues that we saw. CNN said he lost due to not telling people if he planned to run for President in 2024. This is of course something he probably doesn’t have an answer to yet.
  2. Lake vs. Hobbs – So you probably heard there was no debate. Which is how Kari Lake lost because if there had been a debate Hobbs would have been totally destroyed. The Final Nail in Coffin Liz Chenny supports Hobbs.
  3. Zelden vs. Hochul – The High Crime Rate is in your imagination it’s a right wing conspiracy. There was only 1 assassination attempt on Zelden and just a couple of gun shots at his house. Ignore the bodies under the porch.
  4. Kemp vs. Abrams – It would seem that anyone who says fetal heartbeats are “manufactured sounds used to help men oppress women” has their finger on the pulse of the electorate. No scientific knowledge or reality is on her side. But Republicans didn’t win this one because Kemp is a Rhino.
  5. Oz vs. Fetterman – How dare Oz be so mean to Fetterman. The Abelists community will tell you he can do. To frack or not to frack might be the question. Fetterman has it both ways if he could actually complete a sentence. “Hey You Guys, Fetterman Won” said CNN
  6. Ryan vs. Vance – Ryan will never give up and never give in he just changes his mind. Speaking of Chenny endorsements, Ryan has one therefore he is the winner.
  7. Trump vs. Biden – Technically Biden and Trump had 3 debates in 2020. Since Biden didn’t know where he was and Trump debated the Moderators. We are not sure it counts.
  8. AOC vs. Her Own Followers – None of this matters if we are all dead. Although AOC lost the debate Republicans did not win because AOCs followers were not Republicans (YET).

Joy Behr agreed that Republicans lost all debates saying “You’re not voting for Republicans, you’re voting for a cult! Remember that. It’s a cult. It’s not Republicans anymore!” She continued “Inflation fluctuates, democracy does not. I feel like people are not comprehending the seriousness of what is going on.”

We here at DogFacePonia are no sure what Joy Behar, CNN and MSNBC know about anything. We recommend that whatever they say, the opposite is likely true. Regardless of the Debates we recommend you vote.

Image From: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons