Second Amendment Doesn’t Cover SUVs

Police SUVs

According to leaked backroom discussions, the Biden Administration sees some vehicles, such as SUVs and White Supremacist pickup trucks as dangerous. They are typically seen as dangerous and kill numerous people.  “It’s time the Congress focusses on these deadly machines” Biden said “These gas guzzlers are bigger polluters than John Kerry.”

Most SUV owners don’t want the U.S. government compiling information on Americans who own SUVs and pickup trucks. They believe this could lead to all vehicles being confiscated. In 2020, 38,680 died in vehicular Accidents. There were only 19,379 gun Accident deaths in the US over the same period.

Pick-up trucks would be targeted because not only do they pollute but they are owned by White People. “The utility of these vehicles only gives people too much freedom” said Transportation Secretary Peter Buttigieg. They are planning all of this because there is no 2nd Amendment to protect your right to drive cars.


The polls find that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters think the federal government should keep track of who owns SUVs in the United States. Meanwhile 40% (seen by Biden as White Supremacists) disagree and 10% are not sure because they don’t drive (and live in mom’s basement). 40% were removed from the Poll numbers because the only answer they gave was Let’s Go Brandon.

A survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters was conducted in November 2021. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Dangers of SUVs

There are other dangers with these vehicles besides vehicular accidents and manslaughter which include:

  • Injury To Hearing From Noise
  • Danger Of Hot Gases And Debris To The Eyes
  • Toxins And Pollutants
  • Airbag deployment or failure to deploy
  • Dangers from operating an SUV while Impaired

Since handling an SUV is a complex task with possible fatal outcomes if done improperly, SUV safety dictates that an SUV should never be handled while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, legal prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs. Since such substances may affect a person’s judgment, zero tolerance is advocated by SUV driver ed teachers. This is codified in many states’ penal codes as a crime of “driving an SUV under the influence”, with penalties similar to DWI/DUI.

Exhaustion can also constitute a form of impairment, as your reaction time, cognitive processing and sensory perception are all impaired by sleep deprivation and/or physical exhaustion. SUV safety; therefore, discourages using SUVs when exhausted. The state of Wisconsin could become the first in nation to quarantine SUVs that enter the state. Further, any SUVs involved with deaths could be destroyed. This action was prompted by Kyle Rittenhouse who is destroying his gun. Biden and Buttigieg don’t see this as a problem despite supply chain problems with cars. They believe it will help gas prices just like releasing from the oil reserve.

We in Dogfaceponia believe this proves that the only thing Biden knows how to do in a crisis is take away your rights. Biden however has yet to acknowledge anything happened in Waukesha. Americans might need to push for a new amendment to go along with a new President.

Image From: “Bedford Ohio Police Ford Interceptor SUV” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Seluryar