Valentines Day in Washington

Valentines Day Candy Hearts

DogFacePonia deep cover operatives have obtained important notes by members of the Washington Elite for this Valentines Day. Below are what we found, many Pony soldiers risked their lives to bring you this information.

Dear Nancy (Pelosi),
Thanks for Impeaching me again. I love being the only 2 time champion in Impeachment History. It is nice to be a winner and this time nobody changed the votes. See you in 2024!
Love, Donald J. Trump

Dear Nancy,
Thanks for not making me a 2 time loser.
Love, Adam Schiff

Dear Glove Makers,
Thanks for the gloves and spreading my face everywhere. I am going to work for $15 Minimum Wage so all gloves are made in China!
Love Bernie (Sanders)

Dear Ted Cruz,
Even though you almost murdered me, I will always think of you when I am in my “Safe” space.
Deepest Love, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Dear Alexandria (AOC) ,
I missed you on January 6th you were in the wrong building. Will you be my Maid Marian? It is time to talk Robin Hood
Love, Ted Cruz

Dear Jen (Psaki),
Thanks for always Circling Back to me. You smell so nice I want to circle back right now.
Love, Senator Joe Biden

Dear Liz (Cheney),
Thanks for all the Impeachment Ideas. Maybe they will work next time. Can we count on your vote in our upcoming COVID bill and the next Impeachment?
The House Impeachment Managers

Dear Mitt,
Thanks for being the best Rhino in the whole world. We love you and your horn.
The Democratic Party

Dear Jen (Psaki),
Thanks for always “Circling Back” with my husband so I don’t have to.
Dr. Jill (Biden)

Dear President Biden,
Go circle back yourself and your travel ban
Gov. Ron DeSantis

Love is in there air in Washington. Impeachments just bring people together.

Image From :  Off Brand Conversation Hearts from Kristin “Shoe” Shoemaker