You’re Going to Eat Crickets and Like It!

China Klaus Schwab

If you’re a Healthfood Nut, or just like Nuts… You may want to take a closer look into what your eating. To turn a phrase; ‘You’re Going to Eat Bugs and Like It’!

Some Healthfood Companies, which will remain nameless (Actually Foods by Entomo Farms, Snowpiercer, and Exo Protein to not name a few). Are grinding up Crickets into flour and other things as a food replacement. Starting with Healthfoods because what is healthier than Snacky Crunchy Crickets!?!

It is all part of that conspiratorial plan to get rid of pigs, cows and chickens so that the dumb mindless sheeple are forced to eat bugs. This all while the Controllers eat steaks, chicken parmigiana with steak cutlets and bacon wrapped steak.

Cricket food is said to have 3x the protein and is good for muscles. I think Popeye would have something to say about that. These psychophanta own most of the farmland and much of the food supply so it really is as easy as 1, 2. 3 die.

Not to mention the marked increases in Worldwide food processing plants going up in flames. Which in the opinion of many of us here at DogFacePonia, this does look a bit like an insurance scam. If the Insurance companies can catch on to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and sue Big Pharma. Why not look into all the “arson” that appears to be running rampant while they are at it!? We know the FBI won’t they are busy going through former first ladies wardrobes.

Honestly, all they would have to do is follow the money. Maybe we could watch maybe the greatest Celebrity Death Match ever, Life Insurance Companies versus Globalist Elitists. But as we all may suspect, The Insurance companies are probably all owned by the same people causing the scams. So sadly the greatest Death Match Ever, will probably never air. I hope you can still enjoy your cricket bites.

Image From: “Special Session: Li Yuanchao, Klaus Schw” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by World Economic Forum