Electric Sign Inflation

A man in Massachusetts put an electric fence around his Trump 2020 lawn sign inspiring another man to do the same around his Biden sign. He called it the Electric Sign (not to be confused with the electric slide).

That man was arrested for putting electrified fence around his Biden yard sign. In court, he defended his actions explaining that the sign would win him prizes in the find the Biden Sign Competition. People were also looking for a Biden sign to save for its value in the future. Biden signs are expected to increase in value minisculely every time he leaves the basement. If he were to get Covid even more value. The court disagreed and said that it was just a stunt because no one in their right mind would steal a Biden Sign. Ever!!

At Dogfaceponia we disagree, scarcity also creates value so in the future Biden signs will be worth much more.  The value will be much higher if Biden is elected because of the rampant inflation he will cause.  Biden is aspiring to create the record largest denomination currency note ever.  The largest denomination currency notes ever printed anywhere in history were the 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar currency notes but we are sure that is within reach. Kamala Harris said “With the Harris Administration, the United States will be number one at whatever we do. “

Image From: “electric fun” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Foxtongue