1-877-Cage-All-Kids – The New Normal

Princess Doll in a Cage

A new group has been getting wide-spread attention and doing great things for children and making sure all children are treated equally. The group has been challenged by some because equality and equity are not the same. We here in DogFacePonia are clearly lost in E-BS. Which is right; Equity, well we are sure that no children will ever have equity in anything. Equality we can deliver, So it is clear we should deliver this value to illegal children too.

Across our nation we have been caging our kids and we need enough cages for illegals immigrant children too. This wonderful idea that Biden has decided to deliver to our country is working well. It seems a cage shortage is inevitable. In amazement and awe, we as a nation are coming to terms with the fact that this delivers equal equity to all children. The children are our future, if we get this right now maybe our kids will accept the future with equal equity and communism across the USA. Failing the righteousness communism maybe all children can live in equity and equality with other children of third world counties. Only under Biden and his obsessive interest in sniffing out all the possibilities could the children be safe, equitable and equal.

This equity/equality for everyone is really catching on. We are not sure if this catchy tune has infiltrated everyone, but 1-877- Cage-All-Kids rolls off even better with music behind it. Sure it may not have the right number of letters for a phone number, but when jobs is a 3 letter word anything can work. Jen Psaki can been circling this program as a nation builder. We failed to get a comment from the Big Man, but we know and believe he is always on top of the younger generation, just like his son Hunter.

We here in DogFacePonia thought “Equity” was just a renaming of “Equality”. This makes sense to us, as “Black Lives Matter” stands for something that is not quite “Equality” either. In the land of freedom, we only need a catchy tune and the right president to deliver the world to an equal and equitable horror movie.

In other news, we heard Gina Carano, was removed from the cast of the horror movie “Cancel Culture, Life after Covid,” which is expected out in 2028, after the Covid-19 stimulus has run its coarse and every dollar has been spent. If not for the Covid-19 Relief bill maybe our country would fall apart and lose focus on the equity and equality Communism can deliver.

Image From: “Quinceañera Princess in Lock Up.” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by susan catherine