Alien Abductions in Portland

Portland protesters are reporting that people are being put into unmarked vans and detained. They are never arrested and there is no paperwork. They did not see any sort of identifying markers on the men — badges or numbers or words on their black uniforms or black face covering except AFT.   At night, even their eyes were not visible.

The government is disavowing any knowledge of these vans or uniformed figures.  Reports of detainees indicate that the figures are aliens. Under the cover of rioting and looting, Democratic protesters have been quietly apprehended by the Aliens for Trump organization according to observers. When Trump supporters are accidentally grabbed they are released after several hours. They all swear they were abducted by Batman. Democrats were relocated to Area 51

The objective of the group is being postulated to be the removal of anti-trump voters to assist in Trump’s reelection. Others believe it is Vladimir Putin and the Russians that are actually behind the abductions not aliens. A call to  Storm Area 51 intended to expose the AFT’s and their intent to influence the next election. Will there be further abductions in other cities? Time will tell.

The Trump 2020 Campaign denies any collusion with aliens. Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff are seeking to have the President impeached before the election. Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs Committees are also planning hearings. Mueller is being asked to reopen his Russia Probe since the idea of Trump working with aliens is absurd.

Image From: “Alien Truck” (CC BY 2.0) by b.frahm