Nobody goes to the Game Anymore

It is anyone’s guess when baseball will return to DogFacePonia. Is it possible we will never have fans again?  Could baseball die just like Democracy is dying? You be the Judge.

The Republicans are boycotting baseball games due to professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem. A demonstrator said, “I cannot give my hard-earned money to anything that represents a disrespect of our county.”

The Democrats want kneelers in the stands so they may join their prized athletes in protest. Democrats also would like the history of baseball to be erased prior to 1947 when the integration of baseball took place. One protester said, “We cannot recognize a history of baseball prior to integration because it was not representative of the whole.”

Unfortunately, the destruction of Baseball history prior to 1947 would eliminate much of the rich black history that is enshrined within. This has created a problem that can be easy to solved according to some. Just eliminate all the white history prior to 1947 in the baseball hall of fame. One black man said, “those racist baseball players of the past had their day and the chance to integrate by eliminating them. We can recognize the true heroes of the sport the Black players of the Negro Leagues.

Another problem is that if kneelers are added to the stands in baseball it may be a house of worship so the attendance would be limited to 50 people at a gathering and then the teams could not even take the dugout for a game.

We haven’t even covered the fact that fears of protest in Philadelphia have caused a few games to be canceled and in Miami at least 12 players on the Marlins have made threats of harm to other teams. This has led to a severe health risk to other teams attending games in Miami, thus 2 more games have been canceled.

It doesn’t look too good for baseball right now. Maybe things will go back to normal. Until then very few, if any fans, are attending baseball games.

Maybe a 19 cent Corona Beer special will bring the fans back. If that does not work 60 days of peaceful protest could take the place of the 60 game Baseball season.