Biden Bunny Border Bonanza

Person in Easter Bunny Costume

Joe Biden announced today by executive order. The day after Easter will be known as Biden Bunny Bonanza Day.

An Easter egg hunt will take place to herd the children on the border to proper cages. Joe Biden further said in the statement that he will hide all the Easter eggs and participate in the events. One reporter asked, “doesn’t that means you will end up in a cage too, President Biden?” Jen Psaki then jumped in to say, we are going to need to circle back to that question, as Kamala Harris ushered Joe Biden out of the room.

After reading the executive, we here in DogFacePonia, discovered Joe Biden would indeed be caged with the children because he likes children better than people. The event has solid plan, Biden Bunny will have a one on one visit with children lining up to sit on his lap. To cover all the bases for the children, it was even outlined that the 46th president of the United states is just as real as the Easter Bunny.

In future years, if Joe “Bunny” Biden is unable to hide the Easter eggs for the children at the border due to physical limitations such as stairs. The successor will be none other that Hunter Biden who really likes bunnies.

Hunter Biden is expected to be a superior role model and he has the right name to be Biden Bunny 2.0. Jen Psaki explained, “If you have not seen Hunter’s abilities after one blackout night. Now, just imagine how many blackout nights he could have at the border collecting medical enhancements from the cartel. She then explained how science has discovered that the Biden Bunny will live on in the hearts of undocumented Americans forever.

We here in DogFacePonia are not sure how well this event will go over with the American People. However, the idea of Joe Biden in a cage may garner enough support from Republicans to keep this event afloat.

Image From: “easter bunny” (CC BY 2.0) by GuptaRanjan