Invite Some Wild Animals to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here soon.  However, a problem exists, there are only 6 people allowed to assemble at a home in some cities. There are no rules about ponies though California briefly considered it before PETA and Hollywood Celebrities told them no. As we all know in California what Hollywood says must be the right thing to do. However, some households exceed that number already before inviting people.

What to do? If your household exceeds 6 people you need to take some action immediately to comply with that number on a day to day basis not just Thanksgiving. 

Solutions have been put forward for older household members including:

  • Moving any grandparents to a nursing home if you can afford it. (Stays will be short as they primarily accept COVID Patients at this time)
  • Creating a group home for older people (Stays will be short here too)
  • Euthanasia (all these solutions seem to be the same especially in New York)

If household still would exceed 6 people:

  • Split the household between 2 residences (I’m sure working class households have this option), also split your Turkey for Thanksgiving.
  • Move household members to homeless enclaves or just the yard (kids enjoy camping, hope the weather is good)
  • Build cages and claim kids are pets (cages already available in border areas)
  • Have children adopted and mom forced sterilization since social distancing has obviously not worked in this household.

So, If you really want a full thanksgiving dinner just get stay dogs, cats, turkeys and ponies to come.

The Socialist Party of DogFacePonia (all two of them and they are both imaginary) have a plan.  They say every person (regardless of social standing) should be allowed a minimum/maximum of 400 square feet (no flexibility, excess square footage must be deleted). No family expansion is allowed unless a residence is acquired to provide an additional square footage for any birth (octomom would be allowed a 3600 square foot house). Megamansions should be subdivided to provide for the homeless and overflow from working class families who have to offload members.

Before serious consideration of this plan could take place the two socialists moved to Georgia to vote. The measure was tabled until they move back immediately after the Senate election. So you might be forced to have Thanksgiving with all your household members after all but Easter might be off the table.

Image From: “Turkey” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by telepathicparanoia