Biden Landside After Winning Debate that hasn’t Happened Yet

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was overwhelmed with emotion as he reported that Biden’s win of the final debate had propelled him into an election night landslide.  Don Lemon said the debate commission selected questions especially for Joe.  He answered the first 2 minute question without hesitation.  He repeated his previous response from the campaign trail.  He was ordering both vanilla and chocolate ice cream for the people in attendance.  The vanilla was for Trump and his supporters because he is a white supremacist. The Biden team said Joe got chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup for all the Democrats to solidify his base of black and brown voters. Trump continued to object that he had denounced white supremacy. Topics to demonstrate President Trump had an incompetent presidency were also chosen.  

Joe Biden also verified that the Russians were going to pack the Supreme Court and were behind e-mails on Hunter’s laptop.  Trump could not defend his Covid response after Biden pointed out that Trump was responsible for killing 200 million people because of the Russia virus. The President lied (they said) and said he was not responsible because he listened to Dr. Fauci. The moderator had a mute button and peristed in muting Biden to keep him out of trouble. When he said he was running for Senate, the time delay allowed the response to be muted.  Lip readers later verified this.

As a result of the glorious victory that will happen 2 days from now. Joe won the election for President but lost for Senate in DogFacePonia. He will have to chose which one he accepts if either. He might follow Hillarys’ advice and not accept the results of the election. CNN urged Republicans’ not to waste fuel going to the polls (unless they vote for Joe). We should all conserve fuel and not go to the polling place to save the environment they said. Twitter and Facebook independent factcheckers say that those who report Biden didn’t win (yet) are lying and have been blocked or suspended. They hope to reduce the turnout with this action.

When Asked Joe Biden said “Only a Lying DogFace Pony Soldier would say I didn’t win.”

Image From: “Joe Biden” (Public Domain) by Ancho.