Totally Fair Debate Questions

The First Debate is tonight assuming Biden doesn’t find a way to skip it by getting COVID last minute. We believe it will be exciting and totally fair. Below are a sampling of questions we have obtained from our sources, we will see if Chris Wallace uses them.

Questions for the Debate:

Woman’s Rights

Trump: You are appointing a Justice who is against the Roe vs. Wade Decision to the Supreme Court. Why do you hate women and want to take away their rights?  

Biden: Tell us some amazing fond Memories you have of Ruth Bader Ginsburg?


Trump: You have been accused of many extra-marital affairs. Please tell us why you did these things and why you hate Women so much?

Biden: You and Jill have been married for nearly 30 years. How do you make it work so well?

LBTQ Rights

Trump: You have worked to try to roll the military back to the Don’t ask Don’t tell days?  Why do you hate Gay people so much?

Biden: You have always supported LBTQ people especially as Vice President. Tell us how you felt the day The Supreme Court made it legal for Gays to marry?

Post Office

Trump: Why have you and your cronies been systematically destroying the post office?

Biden: Isn’t it great how Mail in Ballots are going to help you win the election?


Trump: 200 Million People have died of COVID-19 on your watch. How do you explain this and why do you hate old people?

Biden: You spend most of the time in the basement supporting America and setting a good example for everyone. Tell us what was the best movie you watched while in the basement?


Trump: Please explain every line item of your taxes every year since 1984?

Biden: What do you love the most about Delaware? Do you like the taxes?

As you can see this will be a totally fair debate compared to the one on CNN. I wonder if they gave Biden the questions in advance?