Biden Underground Movie Marathon

Joe is getting bored in the basement and decided to have a movie marathon. Kamala is expected to join him at a distance presumably on the same floor.

Dude Where’s My Car? – 2000 – Enough said

Pony Soldiers with Tyrone Power – No “lying dogface pony soldiers” found here but Joe is adament the phrase is there and is looking with Kamala’s assistance.

Build the Wall – 2020 – Yes, this is a real film. If you build it, they will come so it has to go. Joe says he must learn how to build the wall in order to tear it down.

Swamp Thing 1982 – Forty-seven years in Congress qualifies you for sure to watch and learn from this film. Kamala needs an introduction to the swamp.

Kneel Before Me – 1983 – To connect with peaceful protesters Joe needs to learn kneeling.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington -1939 – Is being screened so that Kamala will understand more about the workings of Washington

Joe – 1970 – in this movie, Peter Boyle delivers a strong and raw performance as Joe Curran, a racist factory worker who hates “hippies and blacks.”

G.I. Joe – 2009 – When Joe wins the election, he will be Comander In Chief and feels this movie will help him understand the troops.

After this marathon, Joe and Kamala will be prepared for every contingency as they begin to govern.

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