Biden’s Exhausting Records

Biden Wearing Aids Ribbon and Facemask

Biden looks tired and he seems a bit cranky. Biden must be exhausted from setting so many records. He is not only a trend setter, but at the top of his game. Really he is the only one he is competing against in this World event.

Though it appears he forgets sometimes that he is competing. He comes back with a vengeance that Die Hard fans would be proud of. If only he was actually carrying the torch of Liberty and Standing behind the Constitution. Rather than standing on the document and laying the torch on it.

Some of Biden’s Records

  • Highest Fuel Prices and Food Prices
  • Most Inflation
  • Most Covid Deaths
  • Most falls walking up stairs to air force one (Ford may have taken more falls but give Biden time)
  • Most times checking a watch during a funeral
  • Most Impeachable offenses
  • Most embarrassing children – Hunter takes the cake but Ashley has the Diary
  • Most Pathetic Vice President
  • Most Money laundered through Ukraine
  • Most Bot Followers on Twitter
  • Least coherent sentences in a single speech
  • Least qualified appointees
  • Lowest approval rating

With record highs for everything and now diesel, making new records almost daily, say good bye to what you thought were high food prices at the local check out.

Say hello to new Biden records! Again, it must be exhausting being this good… Err, bad. So much so that he can fall asleep mid speech.

Image From: Office of the President of the United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons