The Search for a Lower Rating than Biden

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Joe Biden has a historically bad approval rating as we all know. Even CNN says it is bad. So we started to wonder what could possibly have a lower rating than Biden.

  • Justin Trudeau – Yeah it turns out seizing the bank accounts of citizens who peacefully protest while having children in bounce houses really hurts your approval rating.
  • CNN Plus – Remember Poor Crying Chris Wallace. It was so sad this pathetic it was a mercy killing when they cancelled it.
  • The Grammys – Apparently they happened, we had no idea. I guess they need to get Will Smith come slap someone so people realized the event took place.
  • Wild Wild West – Speaking of Will Smith.
  • Netflix‘s Hard Cell – Apparently this got a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. I guess they should have gotten Obama to narrate it so the liberals would go all gah gah goo goo. Netflix is losing subscribers and the stock is crashing. This is because of shows like this. That and they pay Meghan and Harry to have a show.
  • Hunter Biden’s Paintings – We all know they were terrible but now the truth is coming out and buyers are having remorse. China Invading the US because of Hunter Biden’s Art also had a lower Rating.
  • 10% Inflation – Sure this was caused by Biden but still people hate it more than him. Even the dumbest of people dislike everything they buy costing more, imagine that.
  • The Build Back Better Plan – For some reason people prefer that the inflation rate is not higher than the Presidents approval rating. With the Build Inflation Better plan it might just happen.
  • Renaming Easter – We explained this in depth in another story.
  • Teaching children sexuality at age 5 – Feeling Pretty gay, about the don’t say gay laws.
  • Kamala Harris – So you are President and can’t complete a sentence. They will eventually impeach you. Unless you manage to find a Vice President who can’t complete a sentence and is hated more than you!!! It makes sense when you think about it.
  • Nancy Pelosi – Even her own hairdresser hates her so much that she turned her in.

We at DogFacePonia where shocked to build such an extensive list and we removed all the bodily harm related and end of the world scenarios. Getting your arm amputated or nuclear holocaust also appear to have lower approvals. However, apparently getting kicked or punched in the face had higher approval than Biden.

Image From: Office of U.S. House Speaker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons