Bipartisan Congressional Panel Exposes Dangerous Sleeper Cell

Nuns at Pro-life rally

A bipartisan congressional panel has released it’s findings outlining a dangerous threat to our county. The Bipartisan group of Democrats and Socialist-Democrats determined that the Anti-Abortion movement is in fact only a dangerous terrorist organization developed to undermine the government.

The Commission determined that The March for Life, which has grown to massive numbers in recent years, presents a clear and present danger to our nation. The commission went further saying that this kind of domestic terrorism cannot be tolerated. The original March for Life was attended by some 20,000 people in 1974 and this Sleeper Cell, as identified by the commission, has grown to nearly 500,000 people yearly. (Most leaders of the event are over 65 and need naps so Sleeper Cell seems appropriate) This event has even more people than the January 6th Insurrection. This Group has dangerous ideas like All Lives Matter said the commission. Donald Trump even spoke at the March for Life. What more evidence is needed? The commission labeled them as evil, fetus loving, anti-abortion, women haters. The commission then told the media to never refer to them as Pro-Life because this might garner sympathy. Hence forth they shall only be called Anti-Abortion or Anti-Women. This did not cause a change for the media as they had already been doing this for years.

One representative said that natural born citizens are a threat to the nation because they might be freedom loving, free thinkers. They are in no way required to further the current government agenda like immigrants requiring welfare and citizenship. When asked about the border crisis, the same representative claimed, “These undocumented immigrants provide a stable group of people, that need our assistance. Soon they will be able to join the free flocks of sheep across the nation and vote for Democrats.”

It is expected that any and all who attend the March for Life will be branded Domestic Terrorists by the DOJ and DHS. These individuals include extremely dangerous people such as Nuns, Grandmothers, Priests and 15 year old boys wearing MAGA Hats. The USA as a whole may soon be a Domestic Terrorist Nation. The numbers of Domestic Terrorists increases faster than Joe Biden’s over night vote dumps.

Dogfaceponia is confident we can just block off large sections of major cities or the entire state of Texas and declare sovereignty. The First Law of our new Nation within a Nation is going to be no sheep allowed, The Second law will be no abortions even for Sheep. The National Moto will be “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Image From: “21.MFL33.Supreme.WDC.23jan06” (CC BY 2.0) by Elvert Barnes