Bye, Bye, Brian Stelter, Take Your Manure with You!

Brian Stelter with mic

CNN has announced that they are cancelling Reliable Sources, and parting ways with Brian Stelter. This industry shakeup is expected to have a ripple effect through the entire news industry. Some industry analysts are predicting 10% ratings hit for Fox News.

Speaking with some FOX News insiders we learned that they holding emergency meetings. These emergency meetings are said to be centered on filling its air space without clips of the Brian flinging manure at Republicans.

One of the top ideas is to fill the air space with more manure from Joy Reid, host of The Reidout on MSNBC. However, people seem to doubt that she can continue to find new ways to call people racist.

We here at DogFacePonia will not miss Brian Stelter’s, Reliable Sources show. We are confident that he can find a new Job flinging manure. Manure flingers are in high demand these days. Numerus positions are open in DogFacePonia where Stelter can use his talents and get knee deep in the action.

If Stelter does opt to take an open position in DogFacePonia we will definitely be selling autographed pictures of Stelter covered from head to toe in filth. Just imagining the pictures bring a smiles to our faces.

In Related News, we have learned that Brian Stelter has been nominated by CNN’s chairman and CEO Chris Licht, for Stupidity In Broadcast Journalism Award. The competition for this award is fierce, Stelter has been beefing up to join the heavyweights in the industry.

Image From: nrkbeta, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons