Bye Bye Transportation Mask Mandate, Hello Liberal Tears

Dirty Mask on the Ground

Today a Federal Court ruled that you can still wear masks on airplanes even though it is no longer federally mandated. This news has caused a major confusion in liberal sheep.

Across the county Liberals were seen in a state of panic and confusion after mask mandates were eliminated from airplanes causing panic. Now they find out that they can wear a mask even without a mandate. Videos of Liberals crying after gaining a freedom of choice multiplied across the internet. Many Liberals even forgot what gender they are as a result. Rumor even started to spread that Liberals were now even rejecting pro-choice ideology.

The Courts believed that this ruling allowing liberal sheep to continue to wear masks on airplanes might save them from themselves. It seems this may have only caused further damage.

The Sheep Herder In Chief, Brandon, even spoke to remind his flock and told them that they can still choose to wear a mask on Airplanes.  Sadly this did not even have the intended effect and Liberals appear to have forgotten what choice means or even how to utilize it in daily life.

We here in DogFacePonia are as confused as ever. We always thought this country stood for freedom, it seems propaganda fear is a powerful tool. With any luck we can convince Liberals to self-lockdown on voting day as a protest.