Celebrating Presidents’ Day

Picture of Washington crossing the Delaware River

The Presidents’ Day Holiday is being celebrated this year in a new way by the woke Left and the Biden Administration. The names of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and other prominent figures including California Senator Dianne Feinstein will be removed from 44 San Francisco public schools. San Francisco got a jump on the holiday celebration. Other school districts are also voting to eliminate the names of Presidents from schools including Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Statue removal is also to take place on Presidents’ Day. There are still many statues of these Presidents which can be removed in ceremonies around the country. Nominations are to be taken for Presidents whose statues should be removed on this holiday. They have a lot choose to remove because the only Statues still allowed are Obama, Buchannan and Nixon. They could make a mockery out of the holiday for years to come as the remove more presidents from history each year.

The attempt to blast Mount Rushmore is being resisted by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. Governor Neom is being supported in this effort by the Hells Angels. Washington DC wants to eliminate monuments to Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson on this day. We at DogFacePonia are opposed to these celebrations. We have posted DogFacePonies and DogFacePony Soldiers to protect our statues. We have also volunteered our soldiers to protect these other statues and monuments.

This Year Biden is really helping Patriotic Americans realize how great a President Trump and many others before him were.

We want to make Presidents Day plans for what to do when Trump comes back. We plan to let Antifa cross the Delaware. We will put them in row boats in the dead of winter like Washington did so they can get an idea of what Patriotism is. Next we will put them in prison, no more releases. We will make them share a cell with Q Shaman it will be fun for all. Next we will erect some Trump statues because everyone will love that. Maybe create an impeachment champion trophy for Trump to show off.

Image From: Vintage Postcard George Washington” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by riptheskull