Chicago Protesters Party With Police

Police last night had the audacity to return fire when shot at in Chicago. A peaceful protest was organized on social media. The suspect, who was shot in the shoulder, is expected to survive. Peaceful protests turned into a party with a crowd decorating the Magnificent Mile and availing themselves of special shopping hours. The City closed the bridges so partiers could congregate without being disturbed. The CTA had to be closed to limit partiers to those who were invited on social media.

Protesters went shopping on the magnificent mile and then congregated in the Loop.  Police joined in the celebration as well and provided fireworks.

The three finger discounts were very generous encouraging partiers to return. To facilitate more parties in the future, access to the Loop will be restricted 8 p.m.-6 a.m. for the foreseeable future beginning Monday. This will be designated as Corona shopping hours for selected partiers by social media invitation only. 

Portland peaceful protesters are upset that they have not been provided with dedicated Corona shopping hours. Only seniors have been provided with this luxury and peaceful protesters are shopping for canes and walkers so they can participate.