Democrats Plan to Transition More Holidays

Santa at Pride Parade

Trans Holidays are all the rage in the Democratic Party. Joe Biden declared Easter is now “Trans-Visibility Day”. Many Joe Biden apologists will tell you that Trans Visibility Day was always March 31st. That is at least since it was invented 10 or so years ago or whenever. This just seemed like a good time to make it more visible since it just happened to land on Easter. So, with 2 days before Easter which happens to be a 2000-year-old holiday and the most holy day for the most followed Religion on Earth, he conveniently announced it as an official that day. What could be more visible than that? Christmas. So, it only made sense to take the opportunity. They assume Christianity, the most persecuted religion on Earth, will just turn the other cheek. After all, why shouldn’t a 1% of the population decide what the rest of us should celebrate?

Let’s go and replace tradition with transition! Fresh off the conquest of Easter Democrats plan to take more holidays and transition them. We have a list of their plans obtained by one of our deep cover agents.

New Holidays Transitions

  • International Women’s Day => International Transitioning Former Men’s Day. As you have probably heard they are so brave.
  • Mother’s Day => Birthing Parents Day. This of course has been going for a while to try to convince differently. However, there is no living person without a mother. Yet!
  • Father’s Day => Non-Birthing Parent’s Day. Non-Birthing Parent’s Day. I guess this is lawn mowing. beer drinking day or whatever. Toxic Non-Birthing Parent Day is also being considered
  • Martin Luther King Day => You “Ain’t Black” Unless You Are Transitioning Day
  • Pride Month => It’s OK to be Gay as Long as You Transition First Month.
  • Valentine’s Day => Love Your Partner Even If You Have No Idea What Gender They Are Day.
  • Cinco de Mayo => Open Border for Trans Day. While this is every day. They are making it more visible on this day.
  • Yom Kippur => Second Circumcision Day. Just to take a bit more off.
  • Eid (Muslim Holiday) => Don’t Throw Trans People Off Buildings Day
  • Christmas => Virgin Males Giving Birth Day. This can go along with Labor Day which can be Men in Labor Day!

As a Bonus, they plan to add new holidays so the celebration can be on additional days. Some new Holidays in consideration are Choose Your Own Toilet Day, Choose Your Own Gender Day, and Add a Letter to the LGBTQXIA+ Alphabet Day. These are just the beginning of planned transitions. They have however decided not to transition April Fool’s Day as it is already a celebration of Biden Voters.

Image From: “Santa in June at INDY PRIDE in Indianapo” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by kennethkonica