DNC Highlights Day 2 – Biden is Goose

Let’s get this started! First, we want to apologize for forgetting to post our update on day one.  I want to say as the writer assigned to the DNC I take it very seriously.  I did not watch a single moment of the convention. Everything I give you is from updates I got from other sources or made up.

Day 1 Highlights – Nothing

Day 2 Highlights

DNC Goes Top Gun. Use a Hollywood script, it makes since they parade all these Hollywood celebrities that totally understand us to tell us what to do. Take note this all had nothing cool it like top gun and I feel bad making the reference, but I think the characters are kind of similar I mean a little anyways.

Maverick’s Wife (not Kelly McGillis, Cindy McCain) supports Biden (Goose) the unlikely friendship of 2 white men who were together in Washington forever.

Goose – Biden is Goose, not from the movie but an actual goose. A Democrat like a goose is a protected species (for no reason, as they are everywhere) that spreads crap everywhere (and on the constitution) and hiss at you if you get in their way. Also when Goose dies he will be replaced by an African American (Kamal Harris) just like the movie, the only difference is she Ain’t Black.

Jill Biden (kind of sounds like Meg Ryan) posts pictures of herself from the 1980s on twitter when she looked good just like Meg Ryan looked good then too.

The younger generations have been brainwashed more successfully so the DNC is trying to win the older voters who were alive and saw Top Gun in the 1980s.

Then a bunch of Presidential losers John Kerry (loser), AOC nominates Bernie Sanders (2-time Loser), also note Cindy McCain (wife of a loser) supports Joe Biden.

Bill Clinton spreads his disease and proves the Democrats hate women and MeToo is dead.

Image From: “Angry Goose!” (CC BY 2.0) by This Incredible World