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Pile of Fish

Russia to buy the Keystone XL pipeline contract. This will allow the Biden administration to appease the Left and the Right by allowing the pipeline to be built.  Win! Win!

Rand Paul receives a dead fish via UPS. NY liberal mobsters deny any involvement.

Cuomo announced separate sections for unvaccinated spectators will still enforce six feet of social distancing between parties, at 33% of total capacity. People are refusing to admit to getting the vaccine in order to get more leg room.

Gun-Toting Lawyer Announces GOP Senate Run in Missouri. In other news, George Soros is not supporting his bid for Senate.

NYC pride parade bans the police. They are proud of LGTBQ but not police. Their rainbow has deleted blue. Democrats are complaining because Red was not also deleted.

Manhattan lost its place as the top choice for foreign investors buying U.S. property, with offices falling out of favor amid the pandemic and money moving into industrial properties. Governor Cuomo takes credit for reducing illegal immigration into NYC.

Mayor DeBlasio has been hired as a spokesman for the fast food industry in New York.His first act was to give a side of fries and a burger with Covid vaccine.

Restrictions on non-essential travel from Mexico to the U.S. will remain for at least another month. In the meantime, the border is closed. Only essential illegal aliens will be permitted to travel from Mexico to the United States.

Non-essential Canadians are crossing the border into the US despite a similar ban on non-essential travel to the US. Nobody cares.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot confirmed that one-on-one interviews marking the two-year anniversary of her inauguration will only be given to journalists of color. What color was not immediately clarified. Rumor is Thomas Sowell, Dinesh D’souza and Dan Bongino have all volunteering to interview her.

We here at Dogfaceponia think something are a bit fishy right now.

Image From: “Helford Pollock” (CC BY 2.0) by Podknox