DogFacePonia Two Year Bans for Public Safety

Monty Python Ban Him

The Witch Hunt continues as Facebook announced that Trump will be banned for 2 years effective January 7th. At that time (after the midterm elections) they will determine if (the democrats are able to steal that election and) it is safe for him to return to Facebook. Apparently this was for all the dangerous things he said like. “Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!”

DogFacePonia Bans

We at DogFacePonia want to hand out some 2 year Bans for public health and safety reasons.

  • Cuomo is banned from sexual harassment and nursing homes because he cost New York a congressional seat. One way we could keep him from doing these things is by putting him in a prison cell.
  • Biden banned from sniffing children for obvious reasons. Also he is banned from social media because fact checkers have determined that there is no proof that there are lyin’ DogFace Pony soldiers.
  • Kamala banned from the border 2 years. This is because the only way the crisis on the border could get worse is if she went there. So far she has followed the ban even though she is the border Czar.
  • Fauci banned from email for 2 years and also from Botox treatments. It seems every time Fauci goes on email he sells out the country to China.
  • Coca cola vending machines are banned in Surry County North Carolina. There was a 3-2 vote to ban Coke vending machines in its public buildings in response to the Atlanta company’s statement claiming the new laws would “diminish or deter” access to voting. This Ban will be extended everywhere that people are “Too White”. That ban will end after the midterm elections or when TaB returns to market, whichever comes first.
  • CNN banned from reporting the news for 2 years. This ban seems to already be in effect. It has been more than 2 years since they have reported anything resembling news.
  • AOC banned from talking for 2 years. – It really is a public health crisis. When she speaks our brains almost get murdered.
  • Pelosi banned from the hair dresser and Botox treatment center for 2 years. Could she get any uglier inside and out? We think not. If I have to see her because she is speaker of the house we must ban her from these treatments.
  • LeBron banned from participating in women’s sports for life. There is some concern that since he in a whinny little girl and failed to make the finals that he might try to join the WNBA. This would be an attempt to ruin women’s sports in an attempt to win a championship there.
  • Masks and lockdowns will be banned indefinitely. Fauci in his emails told us they did no good so let’s ban them.

We here at DogFacePonia are just looking out for public health and national security with these bans. Which is more than we can say for Facebook which banned the truth on Wuhan, masks etc. Unlike them we really care about you.

Image From: “Ban Him!!!!” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by steve-and-diane