Dreaming of a Black Christmas

Darth Vader - I find your lack of cheer disturbing.

The Black Lives Matter movement’s national arm is leading a boycott of “white companies” and “white food” until Martin Luther King Day. The boycott does not extend to looting. Looting of black businesses is not OK but looting of white businesses – go for it. A map of white businesses to loot is being prepared for needy black people.

BLM says “Let’s harness our economic power to disrupt white-supremacist-capitalism and Build Black Better communities.”

The website blackxmas.org provides maps showing people where they can find Black-owned stores, restaurants and banks in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, and South Bend, Indiana which is where all blacks (and Pete Buttigieg) live. BLM now is like Darth Vader. Black but underneath run by a feeble crusty old White Man (Joe Biden). That is controlled by an Evil Emperor Xi (who also not black).

As a result of this, The Chinese and Mexican communities think this is a good idea. Every Chinese person should now purchase only from Chinese owned companies until Chinese New Year which is February 1, 2021. The only way to buy pizza will be from Chinese owned pizzerias which have culturally appropriated pizza. 

Mexican businesses have already culturally appropriated pizza and various black dishes. They want to have Mexicans buy only Mexican until Cinco de Mayo. Take that Chinese businesses.

So what to do if you are bi-racial? Can you buy from both businesses? And what if a black or Mexican business carries products produced in China? Can you buy from companies that are owned by blacks but carry only products made by white companies and China.

We at DogFacePonia are going to promote a policy to only buy products made in DogFacePonia. Sure, this means you can only get DFP Oil and toilet paper but really what else do you need. DogFacePonia is considering selling Dark Vader masks. It could be a good product as Democrats want masks due to Omicron.

Image From: “#darth #vader #darthvader #star #wars #s” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Hikaru Kazushime