Elmo is Coming for your Children

Elmo and Children

Elmo has joined the dark side and is now a vaccine pusher. Recently Elmo went on the air with Sanjay Gupta to push the vaccine on your children. After Oscar endorsed Biden, we knew something was up. Apparently, now nothing says Sesame Street more than conforming to the CDC and Biden/Harris Regime’s Agenda.

Elmo is a world renowned expert in potty training and Gupta is a CNN commentator who knows less about Covid medication than Joe Rogan. Because of their credentials, CNN will say they understand our health and our children’s health better than we do.

“Elmo likes experimental injections. Elmo wants to know if Dr. Sanjay will be get super hero powers from the Vaccine?” said Elmo

“Of course it will, just avoid those Horse De-Wormers” said Dr. Gutpa, “I guess I shouldn’t have said that” He continued.


Superpowers like weak immunity and permanent dependency on a company to provide you subscription update to your immune system. You get to have super power boosts every year. Elmo wants to know if he can refer to himself as Elmo 2.0? Then Cookie Monster entered to explain in song form, V is for Vaccine that’s good enough for me. V is for Vaccine have 1 or 2 or 3… Vaccine, Vaccine Vaccine, More Boosters for me.” “Now Elmo thinks he wants to be Elmo 3.0,” he exclaimed.

Poor Cookie Monster will become Vaccine Monster but I guess that makes sense. You’ll notice they tried it first on the biggest dumb bird they could find first, just to make sure it was safe. “Elmo loves you have about a hug and a jab” said Elmo.

In the entire COVID19 pandemic only 94 children 5-11 have died of the Virus. To be sure this is 94 children loved by their families. However, introducing unknown consequences for 25 million children to maybe save 94 seems about as mathematically sound as the the Biden Infrastructure plan. Studies have showed 2 cases of myocarditis per 100,000. Which seems low but across 25 million children that could be 50,000 cases of Myocarditis. Are hospitals ready for that? Will it kill 94 kids. This is just 1 of the side effects. Is myocarditis a Super Power? Maybe we will ask Sanjay Gupta.

Cartoon Pushers

We know the history of Cartoon Characters as pushers. They have been blamed for the American Obesity epidemic as they pushed everything from Frosted Flakes to McDonalds. Fair or not, true or not, there has been little in the way of culpability. It is not like they were ever pushing crack or Viagra? By the way the FDA did not give full approval only an EUA for the children’s vaccine. We are talking about a giant experiment pushed by a tickle me Muppet. Pfizer probably loves the free advertising. It’s earnings were only up 133% year over year. But you thought the vaccine was free? Silly you it is tax payer funded like the Infrastructure plan.

Will Elmo or Sesame Street pay for the deaths and sickness that occur? Will the Government? It won’t be Pfizer because they will get a waiver. Keep the money rolling whatever the cost.

DogfacePonia asked Yoda what he thought of Elmo pushing the Vaccine on children. He told us he sensed much fear in Elmo and fear leads to the dark side. No surprise there. Elmo will soon be known as Darth Elmo vaccinator of children. We get images of Anakin in the Jedi Temple in our minds.

Image From: “Elmo and kids” (CC BY 2.0) by creativedc