Fauci, the Great Maskster

Fauci sign about masks

How many tricks does it take, to get to the center of the tasty Truth?

That is the question we constantly seem to ask ourselves.

Either that, or this sucker with bubble gum in it, is just too good!

DFP has become aware of some new Fauci Emails, Released by insiders this week.

Fauci the great Maskster, insists that there will be no knew Federal Masking Mandate.

However, strong suggestions for Masking may arise. As Flu and cold cases are on the rise going into Fall Flu and Cold season.

What a short memory many seem to have.

Fauci’s Emails tell us a different story, like before.

It appears that Fauci was telling censored email recipients. That the Federal Mask Mandate is a sure thing, once the new lab leak is released.

He is hopeful that the labs in South Africa, will take over where the Ukraine labs would have succeeded, save for the conflict with Russia.

We wonder if this will be another Market escape or will there be a more apt explanation for the coming lab leak.

What choices will we have in the coming months? Tyranny, the only choice of the Proletariat!

No need to Prepare for Tyrannical Fall out, however all will be as right as rain, as long as the Chem-trails don’t get you first.

Yet don’t you worry, the FDA and CDC, WHO and Bill Gates have got you covered.

I hear Pine boxes are all the rage this year. They are cheap and more biodegradable.

Listen to Fauci” (CC BY 2.0) by Mike J Maguire