Good Will Hunter

This new movie follows the life of a highly financially successful crack addict. The young man is reclusive and prolific on Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. He has overcome association with companions who took advantage of his addiction to rise to the level of international power.

Often called no experience Hunter, he was fantastically successful because of his ability to communicate. His laptop has demonstrated he had written extensive e-mails. There were estimated to be 40,000.  He also is a handsome man and had headshots and other poses on his laptop he would use to obtain modeling jobs. He had a video to submit for jobs in adult films which provided a springboard to his success and money until then.

His father recognized the talent of his son and assisted him in making contacts with those who could help him become all he could be (needed since the army kicked him out). Hunter was mentored by that great American, Jeffrey Epstein. He also received help from Jeffrey Toobin (is there a pattern here) and was a gopher for Howard Weinstein. “How do you like them Apples?”

Hunter is expected to have a great political career given all his contacts and experience. Just like his father, he has a BS answer for everything.

There are some deeply touching moments. Including Hunter’s father, after losing an election, repeating to him “It’s your Fault”.

At the end of the movie Hunter disappears and leaves a note saying he had to go “see about some young girls”. Joe said “He stole my line”

The movie is premiering in DogFacePonia November 4th. Attendance is expected to be low because media will not review the movie and all trailers are blocked on Facebook and Twitter. Nobody will accept advertising for it and thus no one has ever heard of it.

Image From: Center for Strategic & International Studies, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons