Make America TaB Again

The Coca Cola Company has decided to no longer make the iconic drink,TaB. TaB drinkers are beginning to protest all over the country at Coke headquarters, bottlers and distributors.  Many are in the form of TaB Trains, TaB Flotillas and TaB peaceful protest marches. TaB drinkers are taking to Facebook and Twitter and although often censored the message is getting out.

TaB drinkers have learned from President Trump and if he is not reelected they plan to have him do TaB Rallies.  The theme will be Make America TaB Again. They have newly designed MATA Hats that are TaB’s signature pink. Don’t let them steal our TaB!

They still continue to do whatever they can to obtain TaB believing that TaB helps prevent Covid-19. Read more about this below.

DogFacePonia believes in the right of peaceful protest. Show your support on Facebook at sites seeking to get Coca Cola to bring TaB make.

Image From: “2015-11-1964-081” (Public Domain) by Community Archives of Belleville & Hastings County