Mass Migration from Cities

The current riots and the destruction of cities has resulted in a mass migration to less urban areas.  After a Fox news report indicating that South Dakota never locked down, many chose South Dakota as a destination. South Dakota Covid statistics are among the most positive in the nation.

There are no apartments for sale or rent with a great view in fact without one.  A high rise in Pierre is four stories.  In fact, there are only two apartments for sale. There are almost no rentals.  Zillow shows only 5375 homes for sale in all of South Dakota which probably can’t handle an estimated 1M migrants of the 19M citizens from the state of New York.  Population of South Dakota is 885K so there is a lot of room. The capital city has 13,646 as of the last census. Luckily, people from Los Angeles are not considering South Dakota because it is way too cold.

New Yorkers can deal with the housing shortage by occupying the Black Hills.  Indians are used to being invaded so no problem.  They can provide assistance and advice on tenting.

South Dakota has exciting activities, sights and memorials to provide culture shock:

  • The Flaming Fountain on South Dakota State Capitol Lake is fed by an artesian well with natural gas content so high that it can be lit. The fountain glows perpetually as a memorial to all veterans.  New Yorkers may have wanted to leave burning behind.
  • Grab your lawn chairs and head to the Steamboat Park Amphitheater for this summer’s first night of Movies in the Park. Hollywood is expected to have premiere’s here in the near future in response to the higher demand.
  • The City’s Recreation Department is pairing up with the Pierre Fire Department to help the community stay cool this summer. Every Tuesday evening in July, the two departments will host neighborhood fire hydrant parties to make New Yorkers feel at home.
  • The largest buffalo herd in the U.S. lives at the Standing Butte Ranch near Pierre.
  • No major league professional teams are located in South Dakota, but international visitors can see popular sports at a professional and semi-professional level in Rapid City and Sioux Falls: Rapid City Rush (hockey) Sioux Fall Pheasants (baseball) Sioux Falls Skyforce (basketball)

People arriving from NYC want to build subways and high rises to bring a piece of the Big Apple with them.  New Yorkers lack some of the basics like driver’s licenses and cars. A traffic jam in SD is two cars so we are optimistic they can learn.  They are looking forward to moving a sports team to SD as well. The huge square footage of houses has created a new market for GPS locators so parents can find their kids.

SD is searching for an appropriately named Mural Mountain to be used for murals. This is based on teachers method of directing children to a specific area where they can be artistic.

All in all newcomers are being welcomed.

Image From: “Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration” (Public Domain) by The White House