Modern Pony Communications

Amazon Prime Drone

With cancel culture eliminating anyone it deems deplorable (the rules change daily) and Trump supporters from social media, plotters need to find a new way to communicate.  Telephones are being tapped and mail read. However, inspired by Amazon, they have begun to set up a drone messaging and package delivery service not unlike UPS and FedEx.

The government wants to read your mail, stifle protests and stifle free communication. Amazon will paint their drones in the future to identify them but the counterfeit drones can copy that. Next the government will require chips and transponders to identify drones and finally drones will have to file a flight plan so the perpetrators can be identifies if it is not an Amazon drone.

An underground operation has grown up to sneak messages on Amazon drones to dispatch them. When a customer orders TaB, a message will be inserted about various protests and meetings. There is a small chance of discovery because no one in their right mind would drink TaB.

Threats to shoot down drones are considered unlikely as they might interfere with Amazon’s package delivery. If, however, that does happen, the fall back position is DogFacePony Express or carrier pigeons. DogFacePonies are afraid of getting cancelled. Pigeons are afraid of getting shot down. If you are using pigeons we recommend invisible ink or maybe a ROT13 cypher.

We here at the DogfacePony express promise fast (no longer than 3 days, 5 tops) secure service. We won’t read your mail and we do not have a 280 character limit. Isn’t Modern Communication great!!

Image From: “Amazon Air Drone. Airborne!” (CC BY 2.0) by Mike Licht,