Amazon Brings Equity to Your WiFi with Sidewalk

Amazon Echo Dot device.

Amazon is bringing equity to your WiFi. Do you have too much bandwidth? Too much Security? Too much Privacy? Amazon Alexa is here to help! There are others with less bandwidth that are in need. If you have Alexa or other Amazon devices, Amazon plans to share your WiFi with your neighbors and literally anyone on the street. The technology Amazon Sidewalk truly brings Equity to your WiFi.

No need to do anything Amazon will share a portion of your bandwidth with those in need. They will do this automatically (unless you opt-out.) Too late, if you didn’t already opt-out, you are in forever. If you are using Alexia you have already given Amazon a way to listen to everything in your home. So why not let the neighborhood have the same access? It’s only fair and equitable. Don’t worry nobody will hack into your WiFi through Alexia and steal your credit card information through this newly introduced security hole.

Alexa will now ask your neighborhood if they want to buy Amazon Music unlimited or the family plan!

Amazon is also adding a “neighborhood plan” so you can share music for the whole neighborhood! Only $29.95 per month. If you don’t get the Neighborhood plan Alexa will harass you with “Someone else is streaming with your device, with the Neighborhood plan you can use your device at the same time as someone else in the neighborhood.” Block access doesn’t mean what you think.

As an added benefit to Amazon Members of your neighborhood will have to pay $10.95 a month for access to your Alexa recorded conversations.

Amazon is also bringing Equity to Space as Jeff Bezos will be going to space with your money.

image From : “Amazon Dot in the Kitchen” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Another Pint Please…