TaB Trafficking Ring Busted

A major TaB ring was busted over the weekend. The traffikers were caught with a large quantity of TaB and TaB paraphernalia. The government proudly displayed the illicit haul.

Some states have associated TaB Soda with a conservative movement Taking America Back (TAB) and banned it. Many websites such as Twitter see TaB as a conservative beverage and have banned it.

If you’re found in possession of TaB, you could be charged with trafficking. If you’re found with a large stash of TaB or cash at the time of your arrest, you will probably be facing TaB distribution charges.

When a substance is classified as “controlled,” it means that the use and distribution of the substance is governed by law.  TaB is now being classified as a Schedule I substance.

Schedule I means TaB is highly addictive, has no accepted medical use (disputed), and is not safe even under medical supervision (disputed).

Both federal and state laws could apply in TaB trafficking cases. If a person is caught trafficking TaB across state lines, federal law will apply, but if the TaB trafficking is entirely in one state, state law will prevail. The Attorney General is investigating TaB price gauging. Prices as high as $95 a twelve pack have been recorded.

Many state laws are similar to federal laws and have minimum sentencing standards for those convicted. Lawmakers generally pass these laws to deter the major TaB cartels. The controversy around TaB trafficking laws is that a low level TaB dealer can often face a longer sentence than violent criminals.

Dogfaceponia fully supports freedom and a TaB drinker’s right to select a beverage regardless of political affiliation.

The legalization of TaB by some states has caused confusion with the TaB trafficking laws. The federal government still considers TaB illegal and their enforcement has not changed even in states that have legalized TaB on a state level.

DogFacePonia is starting a letter writing campaign. Write your Congressman and state legistator demanding the decriminalization of TaB. TaBaholics everywhere are depending on you. Vote for creating TaB dispensaries in your locale. We believe TaB is medically necessary and may prevent Covid.