No More Anthem for Cuban’s Mavericks

Caricature of Mark Cuban

The Biden administration is once again worried about Texas.  Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks has indicated that the Mavericks are no longer going to pay the national anthem at games.  The first 10 games had no fans and no anthem and nobody had noticed. No fans may be why no one noticed. Fans at home don’t tune in until after the anthem would have been played anyway so what’s the point.

This will end the problem of kneeling during the anthem. Instead, the Mavericks will play the Texas National Anthem er state anthem.  This may be a precursor to the Texas secession in light of “a long train of abuses” by the federal government. Others believe this may be an example of blue states importing their ideology when they move to Texas.

In response to the huge backlash over the anthem, Mark Cuban responded. He said that the Mavericks have not banned playing of the national anthem. They had just stopped playing it for the first 10 games, a distinction without a difference. Also it recognized the local culture of Texas and being even that much more aware of the microaggressions Texans face day to day. The NBA has required the National anthem and Lift Every Voice and Sing, the black national anthem to which Cuban has added The Eyes of Texas are Upon You. It is expected that more groups will demand recognition including the CCP which is requesting the Chinese anthem. Every game will add an hour (or more if needed) for the anthems to allow fairness to all groups which demand inclusion of their anthems.

We here at DogFacePonia are considering playing both the Star Spangled Banner and Texas, Our Texas before we start writing our next story. We are hoping songs about freedom inspire us, as long as we are still legally allowed to listen.

Image From: “Mark Cuban – Caricature” (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey