Nothing to See Here in Portland

In Portland yesterday, the New York Times reported “Fire bombs were thrown at officers, injuring at least one community member”. Police re-tweeted a video showing fire bombs being thrown and a protester running with his legs on fire. The fact is that a new movie is being made of riots in Portland many years ago. Police were informed but not the news media. Free advertising is hard to come by so the New York Times has our thanks for providing it.

The Biden campaign has explained that there are no riots in Portland today just filming for a new movie. The stunt men in these shows are top notch.  They have been able to simulate people firebombing buildings and people with burning legs. Portraying a person dying from gunshots, is far easier with a good actor. The crowd scenes of rioting created minimal damage to people or property. The film crew, made up of Antifa members (who never bothered anyone), cleaned up after the completion of each scene. They were just happy to have work.

This certainly explains why no arrests and prosecutions have been made in Portland. You can check in the public record to confirm.  There were just some enthusiastic fans from Patriot Prayer Group arrested for interfering with the filming. Why, they ask, is the President repeating the lie that there has been rioting going on for 100 days in Portland.  There is nothing to see here except how a movie is made.

Trump criticized Biden for not denouncing the riots during his campaign. New York Rep. Jerry Nadler is shown in a new online clip admitting that violence by Antifa was a “myth”, just a publicity stunt.  A Stunt to try to improve Biden in the polling. Now that America has turned against it, it must be explained away as nothing happened.

The President refuses to accept this. The House Congressional Judiciary Committee and House Adam Shiff’s Intelligence Committee are going to have hearings because it is clear that the President’s intelligence is in doubt and voters need to know. Perhaps they can find some new reasons to impreach Trump it worked so well last time.

We here at DogFacePonia know quite a few lying dogface pony soldiers. We have some experience sniffing out the truth, needless to say something stinks.

Image From : Lorie Shaull / CC BY-SA