The Mathematics of Portland Peace

In a news conference today, Biden revealed he was shocked that Trump was even still president. He went on to explain that he is going to change his campaign strategy. Biden explained that it was thought that the people understood the goals of the Democrat party; while he was resting in the basement waiting to become president. Come on People!!! It is simple math, very similar to the simple science we have been claiming.

Rioting + Burning + Looting + Murdering = Peaceful Protesting

Biden said, “The math just does not add up unless you are combining all 4.”

Then a reporter asked Biden, “what will the new strategy be”? Biden said we are going back to the basics.

Always blame Trump will be our new campaign strategy. I was very impressed watching Mayor Wheeler of Portland the other day. This guy has had 95 days of mostly Peaceful Protesting but now that murder is involved the math adds up. BOOM Peaceful city of Portland.

Biden also came out and said, “Look at Mayor Wheeler he blamed all the days that did not fit the math equation on Trump. Then at night, supporters threw him a surprise birthday party. They wrote personal messages on buildings, set off fireworks and even had a birthday cake, unfortunately the birthday cake was mishandled, and the fire department had to be called in.”  19 People were even awarded free rooms to stay at Multnomah County Detention Center.

It is easy said Biden, “You can’t get the kind of love and adoration for those you (don’t) work for without some effort, please contact Mayor Wheeler if you need help with you duties, as his city has found the kind of peaceful protesting that should be emulated.”

Image From : “maths” (CC BY 2.0) by Sean MacEntee