NovaVax the Vaccine Nobody Wants

NovaVax Jab

So NovaVax has a another Covid Vaccine !!! We should all be excited if it was only 2020, but it is 2022 and we don’t even know what the point is anymore. Sure NovaVax, which means new Vaccine, is a new vaccine. Strangely, it uses some old technology. This vaccine is a more traditional non-MRNA vaccine though it does use some newer technologies. Which means prior to the 2010-2021 redefinition of vaccine it might still qualify. If this is a 2019 qualifying vax. Do you want it?

So that is the mistake. After what many will call failures of mRNA and the media promoting it. Does any one want to give this a try? To be sure, it is not mRNA. So what could go wrong? Well plenty! Look up the polio vaccines. Dogfaceponia is not saying we reject this vaccine. We are not Doctors and our opinions are not to be taken as Gospel. We are also not theologians.

The Covid virus, more and more, looks like a bad cold. I don’t want to discount those who might be immune suppressed. What does this do for everyone else? After 5 Pfizer boosters people can still be infected and spread to others. So why would anyone want take an unproved vaccine on EAU? To switch products and give Pfizer the middle finger? We are saying is at this point who cares. Let’s wait out a few years and get full approval and discuss if the vaccine is safe, effective and worthwhile. Oh, never mind that will never work.

So here is the thing according to numbers. 75% of America is vaccinated by post 2019 definition. It’s so hard to track boosters let’s leave that for another article. Who on earth is this for if 80% of adults are vaccinated and 20% went through US mental campaign to convince them to take the vaccine and still didn’t? Will they wake up tomorrow and say THIS IS THE VACCINE I WAS WAITING FOR PLEASE STAB ME RIGHT AWAY.

We doubt it, a lot, especially with the new cold-vid variants coming out where people don’t know they have it. Even the CEO of the company says that he doesn’t see any demand in the US. That’s ok, the Biden administration still bought 3.2 million douses. What a great way to reduce inflation by throwing away money. They next thing you know the government will buy CNN as nobody watches it anymore. Who wants some Paxlovid?

Image From: “Older couple with syringe and Novavax te” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel