Stealth Omicron Don’t Get Bombed

Stealth Bomber

It’s a struggle to keep up with all the Mass Formation Psychoses. The Media is here to help. A new variant has been released/revealed. Dun Dun Dun ….. Stealth Omicron!!! We really were pulling for Omicron Prime but alas we have been discredited as a Main Stream Media Source. Thank God, Yes we are still allowed to use the word God and we do thank him!!

Now, normally, the media waits a bit to create a new scary virus variant until the Mass Fear Psychosis (which is related Mass Formation Psychosis) wears off. However, they are running out of time, they had to do a sub-variant and add a cool word to the front. These are all flight related like Stealth and Delta of course because they want to kick you off airplanes.

Omicron killed nobody. They are wondering if people are gonna wake up soon and stop giving Pfizer massive amounts of tax payer government money for the 14th booster. Have you ever wondered when you will have enough boosters for the Left to call you safe? Just know that it is like genders, they just keep adding more. We are making a guess that the answer is the same as Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything? 42.

As for Stealth Omicron, it is so sneaky you will never know you have it. If you experience the government and media trying to take away more rights then you probably have it. DogFacePonia Scientists have recently determined if you consume 42 corona beers in a single evening that you will also be immune to all variants of Covid. You will have found your beach in the Afterlife. Be ready we might never see it coming before we all get bombed and I am not talking about the Beer. That said the airforce may not have any pilots left.

Image From : “stealth bomber” (CC BY 2.0) by William Brawley