Omi-Won Killnobody

Obi Wan and Darth Vader Lego Fight

It appears that although vaccinations and lockdowns where the highlight of success, according to our favorite media sources. Humans are still acquiring the ‘Rona, and sadly not a Corona with Lime which is delicious to some and toilet water to others. Here at DogFacePonia, we are split on this as well.

With the so far mild Omicron variant apparently ravaging the world without high hospitalizations but low deaths, sounding more like a Transformers Decepticon of the 80’s kind. We decided to take to the Internet for the truth on this matter. What we found was truly disturbing. Almost like a Howard the Duck film. Rest assured many DFP soldiers secretly enjoy it.

There is much discussion in the recesses of the channels and in a few corners of Telegram. Some are speculating that Omicron is actually an Omi-Won. No not Chinese. No not a Jedi. Won as in Winning… Thanks to Charlie Sheen. This was not the Variant they were looking for. That’s why they tried to stop it in South Africa.

That getting it means you’ve won something and that a curious group of mysterious fantastical white hats produced it in a lab (Not Wuhan this time), to burn out the Corona and cause real herd immunity. Now we are not scientists, so as believable as that may be. We want to see what The Science says and then choose if we will follow it.

“The facts as observed in the court of Public opinion, influenced by real opinion science dictate that this is a variant caused by the unvaccinated. It is deadly and should be avoided at all costs by full discrimination of all unvaccinated and more lock downs. That is the only way to Flatten the Curve.”

The Science

Ok not following that, Now, that said, only 5 out 5 Faucinator-Doctors agree with the above and only 3 out of 5 Real Scientists disagree. As statistical numbers go, most are made up. Here’s to hoping that Covid disappears with Omi-Won and that force ghost haunts Democrats for a long time to come.

We personally are gunning for the “white hat” version of the Omicron story to be true, As far-fetched as it may be. It seems more like ‘winning’ than just natural progression of viral mutations. Either way Winning is Winning.

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