Democrats Nail America with Inflation Reduction Plan

Man dressed in pink singing to hammer.

There is an old adage “When all you’ve got is a hammer everything looks like a nail.” The Democrats don’t have a hammer but do have a money printing machine. Since they have a printer the only answer to every problem is to print money. Even when the problem they are trying to address is caused by the printer.

In back room conversation there must have been concerns about inflation. We imagine it went something like this.

“Oh No, inflation is on the rise and Republicans might beat us in the midterms,” said Nancy. “Well what caused the inflation in the first place?” remarked Janet. “Who knows but we can fix it with adding more IRS and climate control programs,” said Chuck. “Oh and 10% for The Big Guy,” they all mumbled in unison as if giving praise in to a higher power.

They say fight fire with fire (and this may work well for Beavis and Butthead). Democrats fight inflation with inflation. When was the last time you saw a program cut? Even one that wasn’t working? If you think back hard the last time we remember significant cuts was the sequester. The Republicans got mad because the IRS at the time under Barrack Obama was targeting right leaning groups. They were taking away Tax Exemptions from the right but somehow not doing the same on the left. So part of the sequester was to cut money to the IRS. It seems they were sad and need the money back. Chuck Schumer was here to bail them out.

This plan has been touted as a great achievement for Joe Biden. We here in DogFacePonia would think they would use the moment to show all the great benefits for America right? Only there aren’t any. So they got it out of the news as fast as possible by Raiding Mar-a-Lago. We heard recently that inflation was showing signs of slowing. With any luck by the end of the year it will be down to 7.5% and Gas down to $4.00. Joe Biden will say it is all working. They only problem is when Trump left office inflation was 2.5% and Gas $2.53. That and the IRS wasn’t beating down your door for money.

We would tell you this was Marxism or Communism but it’s almost worse. You see the idea of Communism was to target the rich. The workers would be in control with their Hammer and Sickle. Though this never happened the way the workers envisioned it. Now the target is the workers. Most young Democratic voters don’t want to work. They just want to sit around in Mommy and Daddy’s basement and look at Tik Tok while they determine what gender they are this week. Again even Beavis and Butthead know what gender they are and had a job at Burger World. This sure makes us wonder if they are smarter than todays youth. What a dark path we are on.

Democrats like Schumer and Pelosi haven’t worked in years. That is unless you call giving stock tips to your husband work. Yet here we are America getting nailed by people who don’t know how to use a hammer. I guess they still know how to burn down countless city blocks and burn your money.

Image From: “hammer” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Champion of Cheese