Putin Critically …

Putin Winking

Putin has long been rumored to be critically ill with various diseases. Putin has “already progressing” Parkinson’s disease as well as pancreatic cancer — and is suspected of also having prostate cancer. Recently he is rumored to be critically dead of a heart attack. They say the Russian public is being deceived by using a body double. The bare chest and muscles were not easy to duplicate but a distant view of him on a horse was easier.

Joe Biden has considered using a body double to convince the world that he isn’t critically dimwitted and unable to navigate stairs without falling. That goes a long way to explaining why he always seems not to know where to go. The body double wouldn’t know more where to go than Biden would. It is rumored Biden has been using a body double since his aneurysm. Either that or Biden had earlobe surgery.

The Real Fetterman is rumored to be Critically Brain Dead. This would mean the new Fetterman is officially a body double. To convince his constituents he is the real Fetterman he also is critically wardrobe-challenged.  As long as he was able to wear a hoody no one could tell it wasn’t him.

Dianne Feinstein was critically ill for some time with shingles etc. but is now critically dead. She was wheeled into Congress for votes before her burial. There was thought of getting a body double but it was hard to find someone with the right characteristics. So Democrats went with a minority hire instead.

Others in Congress are critically ill possibly even critically dead. Mitch McConnell comes to mind. However, he and Fetterman have redefined Space Cadet. Kim Jung Un ruled while critically in a coma so what is else is new.

We here in DogFacePonia it is critical to understand the situations of our leadership. It might be critical to elect new ones.

Image From: “putin bw wink” (CC BY 2.0) by Jedimentat44