Redlining Reparations

Old Building with 1920s Temperance sign on the side

People WOKE  this morning to find that their City Council of Evanston, Illinois, approved what’s believed to be the country’s first government reparations program for African Americans. Redlining created heavily segregated neighborhoods and these reparations would allow Black residents to apply for money to use for down payments or repairs.  To apply one needed to live in Evanston from 1919 to 1969 (a very small group). The new plan is called bluelining after the Democrats. Black people who either don’t own a home or don’t plan to buy one are similarly not qualified.

In addition, reparations will be paid to Black citizens who were denied access to alcohol for many years.  The Anti-saloon League was clearly a racist organization which denied access to alcohol to Black people from 1919 to 1972 while bars were being redlined all the way to bordering cities. White people could get their alcohol on the Black market. Strangely, Black people could not.

“Men, I have come to save you from a drunkard’s fate” Carrie Nation said. “Alone or accompanied by hymn-singing white women, Nation would march into a bar and sing and pray while smashing bar fixtures and stock with a hatchet.”

Reparations for housing would be supported by a 3% Weed tax (to discourage bad lawns). Reparations for Alcohol would be supported by a new liquor tax of 10% on all alcohol sold to white people (nothing complicated).

We here at DogFacePonia don’t believe taxing one sin to pay for another is the answer but Evanston (and the Left in general does). If they believe in sins at all it is for taxation purposes. We wonder when they will start taxing CNN for lying or the Grammys for existing?

Image From: “choose all of the temperance” (CC BY 2.0) by otama