Save TaB Drinkers – Invoke the Defense Production Act

Sadly, we are reporting skyrocketing deaths among TaB drinkers.  As TaB has become scarce, TaB drinkers have had to make due with other brands thus losing the preventative prophylactic effect of TaB.   Covid cases among TaB drinkers have risen.  Deaths have followed. Also, suicide is mentioned as a cause of death.  TaB addicts (there is no other way to define it) are going across state lines in search of TaB.  Protest marches are anticipated.

The Defense Production Act gives the President significant emergency authority to control domestic industries. Trump has used the law to crack down on hoarding but not TaB hoarding. Now he needs to use it to force the Coca Cola Company to produce TaB which is an essential item.  Otherwise, we can only hope for the reopening to produce more TaB and save this minority group.