Should We Get Our Tin Foil Hats as Democratics Push Depopulation

Nuclear Scientist and Tin Foil Capped Dog


Over the past 50 years, human sperm counts appear to have fallen by more than 50% around the globe, according to an updated review of medical literature.

There were a total of 629,898 reported abortions in the US in 2019, an increase of 1.66% or 10,307 abortions from 2018. Though this has slightly decrease due to recent SCOTUS Decisions.

The percentage of people identifying as LGBTQXI+ is rising (as well as the number of letters). One in four high school students in the United States identify as homosexual, bisexual, transexual or are questioning their sexuality, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One in 4 letters in the Alphabet are now in the list as well.

An estimated 150,000 youth and 1.4 million adults living in the United States identify as transgender. Many identify as other species. Dogs, Cats, Unicorns, Ponies you name it.

When President Joe Biden speaks about the “scourge” of gun violence, his go-to answer is to zero in on assault weapons.


As you can see from these news briefs, there are many ways Democrats are seeking to reduce the existential threat of population growth. They seem to have been successful. The US population rose only .1% in 2021 (this includes illegal border crossers). The growth rate in 2020 was +1%. To alter this, it must be the Republicans are importing over 5 million Hispanics.  The open border seems inconsistent with the Democrats anti-birth policy. Hispanics have less than half the abortion rate. This is in part because the Hispanics want to have anchor babies so that a new administration will not deport them. However this has lead to increased Fentanyl deaths.

One way to reduce the population was to encourage transgender hormones and surgeries. Even though some gay and trans citizens could have babies (including tans men) the medical care cost to achieve this would be extreme.  Trans care already is high with health care intervention being needed for a lifetime.

Even with the population reduction efforts Democrats expect even more votes. I’m sure there is an explanation.

Democrats are funding the Wuhan Institute in order to create a new population reducing virus.  The Chinese are doing their part by sterilizing certain groups (for instance the Uyghurs) to hold down the population.

It may seem inconsistent to ban guns, but Democrats calculate that keeping assault weapons from law abiding citizens will increase the death rate because criminals will still have them.

Democrats Population Reduction Check List

  • Promote abortion – check
  • Increase access to birth control especially Plan B- check
  • Promote LGBTQXI+ Alphabet -check
  • Promote trans young people having hormones and surgeries – check
  • Promote sterilization -check
  • Create new viruses that kill or sterilize the population – check
  • Study how to continue to reduce the sperm count -check
  • Ignore Crime -check
  • Allow Drug Overdoes -check
  • Destroy the Energy Supplies -check
  • Destroy Food Supplies – check
  • Encourage More War especially Nuclear – check

Most Democrats believe with humans greatly decreased, the earth could return to a really great state. The problem is that just like climate change most of the developing nations are not doing their part. They do have wars to help out by killing men off who are the age to reproduce (at least 50% may be able to -see above). Luckily our ponies are not seeing a decline in sperm count. Get Ready for a world full of cats, dogs, ponies and people from developing nations.

This may sound like a joke but isn’t this right from the UN 2030 Plan? Ask yourself if your goal was to depopulate the earth what would you differently? Maybe just drop a Nuke, it’s faster?

Image From: “Happy Halloween!” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by andyi