So Good, That Space Air!

Heat Map of Earth

Foreign DFP Correspondent Geoff Likely showed up at an Amazon Warehouse looking for the deets on Jeff and the Blue Origin Launch.

It appears that, Jeff Bezos is looking to spend some time up in the air up there. It may be thin, but so is the veneer of selfless endeavors.

Blue Origin is taking Bezos and a handful of others in a quick lower orbit around the Earth. For the first Human flight for Blue Origin.

However, we came to find that almost 50,000 people signed a petition as of this writing to keep Bezos in Space. Not that they want Amazon destroying the Space Environment, too. Yet it appears it would be better for Earth if he was not her

This movement to prevent Bezos from coming back to Terra Firma. Does have a lot more steam than the petition previously circulating to have Bezos eat the Mona Lisa. 

Our question along with others is, ‘who will enforce this’?

We put this to a vote and found that we would like to create a DFP Space Corp Law Enforcement Division. But our budget only currently supports model Rocketry.

So until then, we will watch the launch with ironic fascination and wonderment. That another billionaire decides that laws and now physics do not apply to them. While our foreign DFP Correspondent is still waiting for a bathroom break at the Warehouse.

Image From: “Space” (CC BY 2.0) by US Department of State