The Washington Football Team is Going to the Dogs

Redskins player laying on back after tackle.

It’s official. Washington is going to the dogs. The team formerly called the Washington Redskins and the Washington football team has decided to take the name of President Biden’s new puppy, Commander. Biden Tweeted “I suppose there’s room for two Commanders in this town.” As everyone knows, other than the puppy there is not one in the Biden Administration.

It’s fortunate that the President coordinated with the team on the name. The name Champ and Major which are previous dog names were also considered. In the end, the Bidens got a new dog and named it for the team or vice versa. Lucky for all of us the Commandos got nixed as they should keep their pants on; this is the NFL not CNN.

We at DogFacePonia believe the name Champ might have been overly optimistic. Major might have been overly optimistic as well. Now instead the only thing they will be commanding is last place. Still not sure why the DogFacePonies was not the choice, maybe they are too high a pedigree. Previously the name Pansies was selected but the Horticulture lobby won out. The ASPCP (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pansies) has great political power.

Image From: “Jihad Ward, Alex Smith” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by KA Sports Photos